About Us


It takes a bit of time to find a good partnership and we’ve been stewing on this one for 18 years. Jon Wallhouse and Ed Hauck – the team behind ODSX – have been wearing mismatched socks since they were students (a little too long ago for them to admit!). Driven by necessity back in those days, you grabbed whatever socks were in the drawer and worked the look to your advantage. It took a little time before it was a business but this central idea is still the driving inspiration behind ODSX. Two fingers to convention, be yourself, be different, but most of all, wear what you wear with pride.


ODSX socks are created for those of us who want to stand out for something a little different and these days our fashion tastes have become a bit too safe. Somewhere in all of us is a cheeky side, that inner rebellion that wants to be subversive. Stand up and be noticed we say. We want you to express yourself through that one universal item, the sock. We all have them, those odd socks clogging up the back corner of the drawer. Well, we loved wearing them odd and now we love making them odd. Who told you that you had to wear matching socks, or matching shoes for that matter? ODSX can liberate you from your normality, release you from your own inner boring and show the world that you are, well, different.



Born odd. Worn odd.